Points to Ponder

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Do you know what happens when the little pleasures of life are denied? They should get chocked and the heart sinks down. All are pleasures which are the always at an arm’s length.


All we have to do is just move our hand forward and grip these pleasures. These are the pleasures of listening to someone’s tragedies and these are the pleasures of treating well a person who is always ignored and looked down upon by people. Love is infectious and never ending. It increases when you will share it with others. Just a smile can brighten someone’s dark life and a hug of sympathy can make someone’s frustration washed away in tears.


Contrary to this, if you break someone’s heart or your cutting remarks make someone cry, you can never feel at ease. The voice of God with in you. Conscience pricks you and keeps you disturbed. This is why people seek forgiveness from others just to have peace within. If you find yourself unable to make others life easy at least don’t create problems for them. Live and let live must be watched words of your life only then a person in particular and society in general can enjoy peace.

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