Polio In PAKISTAN And The Wourld

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Polio, Polio is a disease that makes a person with disabilities. We continue to fight against polio worldwide. Most countries of the world from this disease or virus have cleared the land. There are some countries of the world where efforts to eliminate this deadly disease. And the struggle all has been with those countries that have the clear this virus.

Polio is a type of virus that not only the person with disabilities, but also the proximity of her life turns off. Man cannot walk, cannot race and seen the men who survived from this virus But it is the fault of their parents because they are not give vaccine of polio. And now their parent faces the problem but their children also face the result of their parent mistake who cannot give their children polio vaccine.


The countries in which polio is prone countries including Pakistan Polio is over 98% in Pakistan But in the years to come polio case is 10 to 20. World health organization which until now in Pakistan has not declared polio free. The campaign runs each year countless times in Pakistan Which costs billions, not millions of wine but Polio is still not finished, this is why Follow me I am tell you.

some pictures that clear the polio cases in pakistan.

Actually in Pakistan is a nation whose name Pathan. It considers that this time polio medicine include wine is forbidden which is worthy prohibits from our religion. But it is a misconception that because polio Health organization Pakistan's checks first vaccine of polio in lab if it is haram or indicator includes then they can reject the vaccine. But it does not understand the Pathan villagers and they Do not drink polio vaccine to their children finally they make their children's disabilities so what is the answer follow I am answer this.

Pakistan's government made a law a few months ago if someone does not drink vaccine of polio to their children so Police would arrest the person and will be prosecuted.

I think this law is very good which cannot be eradicated polio, but also saved the lives of innocent children .I'm ashamed on their parents that how they are parents who have children with disabilities are made.

I hope that Pakistan will soon should leave this dangerous virus and Pakistan will easily go in other countries. Quick Pakistan is currently banned in other countries cannot go.

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