Pollution and the teachings of Islam

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Pollution means contamination or dirtying of environment. These days it has become a serious problem which is destroying the purity of air water and land and is threatening the survival of living things.

Pollution can be attributed to modern technology and industrial advancement. sometimes ago it was more visible in the advanced societies of the west but now it can be seen in the third world countries as will the western countries are adopting measures to reduce or stop pollution but in our part of the world not much heed is being paid to this extremely serious problem.

The massive use of pesticides and herbicides is poisoning the atmosphere.

Wastes from industries pose a major and perhaps a lasting threat to life . Smoke and gases from factories cars buses and trucks have harmful effect upon the health of all those people who come into contact with them.

The discharge of these pollutants is infecting the atmosphere rivers lakes and oceans. If pollution is not checked the solid and liquid wastes discharged into rivers and canals would pose a server danger to marine animal and human life. You can help to reduce pollution by keeping your house your school and your neighborhoods clean. By keeping your environment clean you can help make your country a healthy place to live in. trees help reduce pollution therefore we should plant as many trees as we can. we should try not to cut down our forest s. the holy prophet peace be upon him prohibited cutting down of green and fruit bearing trees.

Cleanliness not just of our person but also of the environment is a part of our religion. Islam enjoins upon its followers to keep their bodies their clothes their utensils their houses and their neighborhood clean and free from dirt and impurities. Many ayates of the Quran highlight the importance of nature’s environmental balance.

The holy Quran says that Allah loves those who keep themselves clean and pure. The holy prophets’ peace is upon him also stressed upon the importance of cleanliness. A true Muslim must therefore be pure and clean himself and also keep his surroundings cleans.

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