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Tea has become a popular drink today. Everyone likes to invigorate himself by taking small sips of tea. It is said that the tea improves the work efficiency and stamina. A short tea break is takes in every office during the office hours. During this break, people sit together, exchange gossip and drink tea.

 The things needed for making tea are water, tea leaves, sugar and milk. Making tea is not a tough task. First fire is lighted. A tea pot with some water is put on the stove. When the water begins to boil tea leaves are added. Tea spoon with full of tea leaves is added in the boiling water for each cup. Then sugar and milk are added into the mixture of water and tea leaves. As the material change its colour. It becomes golden. As its colour is changed, a light gentle aroma begins to waft through the air. Then the liquid is strained through a fine sieve into a pot.

Many people like to drink tea without straining it and they love it. The tea is ready to be served. It is poured down into cups to be slipped slowly and leisurely. Some people like to drink hot tea while many people like to drink lukewarm tea. Everyone wants to make the tea with its own way and according to its taste.

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