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 Herbal remedies, truth or quackery? Well on one side of the spectrum, some of us may frown upon and shame those who use herbal remedies for a variety of ailments; however, we shouldn't dismiss them altogether.

 As history has shown us, many ancient doctors collected information about herbs to treat a variety of ailments and approximately 25% of drugs that we use in our daily lives today actually contain those same ingredients.

 So yes, pharmaceutical companies advertise their products greatly on a global scale and although we should not dismiss drugs altogether, we should also consider home remedies for simple ailments. I'm sure our liver, kidney, stomach and all the other vital organs will thank us for substituting drugs for home remedies.


Now that we have that myth cleared up, there are some simple, top-selling herbs that we can use in our daily lives to treat anxiety or muscle pain, colds and the like courtesy of Discovery Health.

 You may already use some of these herbs are typically found in health food stores and supermarkets. The first on the list is chamomile. Although it is a popular variety of tea, you can also use it to treat anxiety, cramping, and muscle pain.

Chamomile can also be used to relieve irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, and gastroenteritis. What's really great about this flower is that it has a natural calming agent for irritable babies, children and adults as well.


Another natural home remedy is great for that "next day" hangover after a night with one too many glasses of wine or any spirit of your choice. Although there is no cut and dry cure, there are some natural ingredients you can use to help soothe the symptoms without popping pills.

 One simple and healthier option is to use Tiger balm a very popular topical used primarily in Asia in promoting blood flow. The great thing about Tiger balm is that it can cure headaches fairly quickly. by rubbing the topical on the back of your neck and temples. Your headache will surely melt away helping you move on with your day.

 Next on the list is a very popular flower known as the Echinacea flower. We have definitely used this herb for many ailments, as echinacea boosts overall activity of cells, improving the body's immune response.


This little wonder our helps your body produce natural infection-fighting chemicals to fight off various infections such as colds, flu's, respiratory and urinary tract illnesses. So you can definitely add this herb to your daily cup of tea, trust me you will not regret it.

 All home remedies are not 100% proven to work for every element; however, neither are pharmaceutical drugs. But for simple ailments such as a cold, the sniffles and so on,  home remedies are a lot healthier and cheaper for you.


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