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Romantic Comedy: 15 episodes plus 1 special

This story centers around two characters Lee Gyu Won (female lead) and Lee Shin (male lead). Lee Shin is a university student studying music and in the band called The Stupid. Lee Gyu Won is a bubbly light character who studies traditional Korean music. Lee Shin is in love with a dance instructor Hung Yoon Soo who didn't want to do anything with a young immature guy who can find love elsewhere.

Secret Garden
Romantic Comedy/Action/Fantasy: 20 episodes

I just started watching this one and I'm on the 3rd episode and it's pretty interesting!

Gil La Rim is a fearless stunt woman in films who has always supported herself and Kim Joo Won is an arrogant CEO who maintains the image of nothing less than perfect. Endless bickering between this two unlikely people whom met by accident.

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