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Coffee Prince
Ko Eun Chan a girl in her early 20's who supports her family by working multiple jobs to help pay her family bills. She encounters Choi Han Gyul, grandson heir to a food company, by working for him in his coffee shop. He is not aware that Eun Chan is a girl! Love triangles between four unlikely people to bring about funny and troubling moments.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
Romantic Comedy: 16 episodes
Yang Eun Bee is a college student that is trying to become a high school teacher. She encounters a young man Cha Chi Soo in a bathroom and instantly falls for him. She doesn't realize he is a high school student and an heir to the Cha Empire. He is first disinterested by her because he is only attracted to pretty rich girls. After the death of Eun Bee's father, Choi Hang Kyuk inherits the ramyun shop that he left. Jealousy and love triangles erupt as these three try to cope and live with another.

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