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good to work every where it you are positive

Yes I tried to work on some sites and there I had issued 500 or more articles but out these 500 i had stored only 150 in my record

SO my good odd thoughts which had been written has gone in drain why because these sites are just making money and ignoring the good content which if some one want to write

So now I am also making a backup and issuing a text with me...

As these thought comes and went away like a wind or sea wave which come and goes out when Mind start to see some good or bad happening around me or in my era or age.


Some time it is very imperative to see other reaction some are very remote or just time pass but in these process you will find

I hope you will see some improvement here in my work .....This is my time of evolution and try to grow with my various article

some to my good and some to see faults here....

Good to see your comments and feel the good response


I am waiting to see more and more good and get inspire from them

This life is made to learn till the last breath and hope to see your fine suggestion also

It fills me with lot of positive thoughts


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