Positivity in Afghanistan?

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I got a chance to watch a movie called Harsh Times featuring Christian Bale. If you don't know who Christian Bale is, he acted in the epic blockbuster movie Dark Knight as Bruce Wayne also known As Batman.  Harsh Times  is about an Army veteran, named Jim Davis, that returns from war, probably somewhere from Afghanistan looking to get his life on the right path after being in the military.

Jim comes home to Los Angeles, California with the hope to get some type of military employment opportunities such  but runs into a few obstacles. Bale's character suffers from post traumatic disorder and has extremely violent and drug filled spills that are harmful to himself and the people around him. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)  is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma.  Through out the movie his episodes and decisions result in complete disasters.  

PTSD is quite common to veterans that have been through war but never this severe as this movie portrays. Watching Harsh Times made me realize, It's amazing how every movie, current news event articles, television story and blog put a massive amount of negativity towards Afghanistan. Christian Bale's character was immensely affected by the battle in Afghanistan. I'm actually curious if there are any articles on Afghanistan that are positive. I haven't seen any  good remarks or articles. If there are topics about Afghanistan  that are positive, it probably revolves around ending the war in Afghanistan. 

If you find one let me know. I'm sure it'll come up somewhere. 

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