Post Afghan Elections 2014

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The final stage of the election has been held peacefully in Afghanistan and we would like to hail our brave soldiers and police who made it safe for us and helped us to choose our next president.Their sacrifices should not be forgotten.The achievement is immense and we congratulate every single person who made this tough task possible.

The first task is done and we move ahead to the more complicated stage which is counting of the votes and the preliminary results.The two candidates Dr Abdullah and Dr Ghani had huge election compaigns and had made different promises to people.But the main thing is people who choose the best candidate will be counted.What worries me alot is the ethnic divide amongst the people while voting.Dr Abdullah belong to Tajik community and Dr Ghani belongs to the Pashtun Community.But how will we form a government if no Tajik,s voted for Dr Ghani and no Pashtuns voted for Dr Abdullah.The divide is immense and i hope people accept the results,and if not then we are in for a very bad period ahead.People have already sent a blatant message to the enemies of Afghanistan by coming out in millions to vote but how will we fix our own personal issues.

There has been some misleading results in different social media platforms stating a candidate winner but we shouldnt accept it as we have got IEC to annouce the results and then who ever is the successfull candidate ,we should accept it and move on with our work.We have a very big task of helping rebuild our country,we should not repeat the mistake of 1990,s where we fought against each other and the whole Afghanistan was destroyed.

We are all Afghan,s ,we need to work together.If we keep on the same line of ethnic divide then we are hundreds years away from achieving peace and prosperity in the country.There are worrying signs but we hope that everything gets on the right track.



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