Power of child draws and forgiveness

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In order to open our heart way to each other, and enjoy from social live we have to use from some rules and careful skills. And that skill is only child draws and forgiveness. When you are forgive you are friends because of their faults, not only you can love you are friends without any problem, you can also sorry you are self for not being perfect. in social live like house hold live, behavior with friends....do not use from forgiveness, there for our love and relationship become limited but we can even love each other, but not us much as in the past. Child

draws and for givens means being free from discomfort, pain and sorrow. Forgiveness gives as this chance to love each other once again, and express our love and friendship. And also find out that mutually. When the way of our friendship and love is limited, the exchange of love and friendship is impossible. in the social live, married live and house hold live you are not forgiving each other, by the way that you are love them too much, you suffering to much. The largest pain that we are bearing is because of not expressing you are love to

someone that you really love that. Usually this pain and sorrow make person crazy and sad. That this pain is because of UN child draws and forgiveness
And most of missunderestanding, and violence.

How we can learn child draws and forgiveness?

When our father and mother during our child hood said sorry for us because of their mistaks, we can learn child draws and forgiveness.
When we were seen that our father and mother forgive each other we were learn child draws and forgiveness. When our parents forgive us repeately, we are not only learning child draws and forgiveness, but we also know

how child draws and forgiveness change others. This point is necessary their friend that happiness which is in forgiveness is not in enmity.

Written by: said Ali asghar yaqoobzada