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it is the video taken in Sanur beach @Bali when my students got speaking final examination to practice their English with some foreigners in Bali. We chose Bali as our destination to visit because Bali is famous tourism places in the world and there are many foreigners visit this place to have fun and spend holiday with their friends just to sunbath and have fun. to arrive to Sanur we needed so long time because we left from Pare Kedirri East Jave the place that is famous with "@KAMPUNG INGGRIS" we left Pare at 10: 00 a.m and we arrived in the mosque next to Sanur beach before Subuh. so we waited subuh prayer to pray togeteher before going to Sanur beach. Alhamdulillah they could practice their English well and fluently because they had preparation before leaving Pare. come on join us in @Kampung Inggris Pare East Java!!


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