Prayer A Compulsory activity of Islam

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Hello friends

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Today I'm going to discuss a very precious and compulsory religious activity of Islam which is known as Prayer.
Dear friends, Today I would like to explain about the Prayer and some of its kinds which are offered in the Islamic religion.

So friends, First of all, let me tell you what is actually prayer?

What is Prayer?


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Prayer is the first and compulsory activity of Islam. Prayer is also known as "Namaz" in Urdu language and its known as "Salat" in the Arabic language. In the prayer activity, we talk to Allah who is the creator of mankind and world. Prayer is offered because it is ordered by Allah and Allah has blessed our prayer so that we can talk to him and can share our problems and difficulties with Allah.

Salah ("worship", ‏صلاة‎; pl. ‏صلوات‎ ṣalawāt; also salat), called namāz (Persian: نَماز‎) in some languages, is one of the Five Pillars in the faith of Islam and an obligatory religious duty for every Muslim. It is a physical, mental, and spiritual act of worship that is observed five times every day at prescribed times. When they do this, they must face Mecca. In this ritual, the worshiper starts standing, bows, prostrates themself, and concludes while sitting on the ground.[1] During each posture, the worshiper recites or reads certain verses, phrases and prayers. The word salah is commonly translated as "prayer" but this definition might be confusing. Muslims use the words "dua" or "supplication" when referring to the common definition of prayers which is "reverent petitions made to God".





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Dear friends, Prayer is offered five times a day and Muslims worship through Prayer. Prayer is the first and major activity of Islam. Prayer activity was implemented on Muslims and it was also an act of Islam in earlier ages. Prayer is the first and most precious activity of Islam.


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Prayer is offered five times a day with specific rules and regulations. There are specific rules for each prayer. The method of offering the prayer was taught to us by our Holy Prophet P.B.U.H. Prayer must be offered daily and there is no way of leaving it. The Muslim who does not offer prayer would be punished at the Judgment Day.

Now I would like to mention here the kinds of Prayer.


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Prayer is offered daily five times a day and there are specific kinds of prayer for the specific time.

Prayer is offered five times in a day and these are specific prayers which are offered daily.

Fajar Prayer:


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Fajar prayer is offered in the early morning before the sun rises and this kind of prayer can be offered only before the sun rises in the east. Fajar prayer makes us active and healthy. We wake up early in the morning and so we can work more and can also do exercise.

Zuhr Prayer:


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Zuhr prayer is offered in the daytime. Usually, Zuhr prayer is offered at 1 PM. Zuhr prayer is a bit longer that Fajar Prayer.

Asar Prayer:


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Asar prayer is offered almost after 2 hours or 3 hours of Zuhr prayer. Asar prayer is not so lengthy.

Maghrib Prayer:


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Maghrib prayer is offered when the sun sets in the west and you can offer this prayer. Maghreb prayer not so long. This prayer can be offered only for some time and when darkness is complete then you would not be able to offer this prayer.

Isha Prayer:

Isha prayer would be offered after some time and approximately at 9 o clock. Isha prayer is longer than all of the other prayers. Isha prayer is the last prayer of the whole day.


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Dear friends, these are daily prayers which must be offered and now I would like to tell you those prayers which are offered occasionally.

Prayer of Dead Person:


This special prayer is offered when a Muslim dies and then his householders and relatives give him the bath and a special dress is worn to the dead person and then this special prayer is offered.

This special prayer is known as "Namaz e Janaza".

This prayer is not compulsory for everyone. Anyone who desires can offer it. This prayer is offered in an open ground so that anyone can join it. After offering this prayer, the died person is taken in the graveyard for burying him in the grave. This prayer consists of simple words in which Muslims do pray for the died person so that Almighty Allah forgive his sins and may his soul rest in peace.

Prayer for Eid occasions:

Eid prayer is offered two times in the year. Eid prayer is the special prayer which is also offered in open ground. Anyone can join it and people usually gather before the time. Eid is the holy occasion in which Muslims celebrate happiness. On this occasion, this special prayer is offered and prayed Allah for happiness.
After Eid prayer, people celebrate this holy occasion with happiness and enjoys.

Early Morning Prayer:

Early morning prayer is offered before the Fajar prayer and usually, it is offered in the midnight time. This prayer is also known as Tahajjud Prayer. This prayer is also not compulsory but it is offered for getting benefits on the Judgment Day. This prayer can be lengthy as much as you want.

Dear friends, Now I would like to tell you some major advantages of prayer.

Advantages of Prayer:

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Prayer has many advantages which are very good for Muslims. You can take these advantages by regularly offering prayer.

Here are some well common advantages.

Clean and clear:

Prayer makes a person clean and clear. You can be clean and healthy by offering prayer daily. When you make Wuzu daily before offering prayer and you wash your hands, feet, and face then automatically you become clean. Washing your hands and face five times a day will definitely make you clean and healthy and this becomes only due to offering prayer regularly.

Health benefits:

Prayer has also many benefits which can make us healthy and can improve our health. We can avoid many diseases only due to regularly offering prayer. Even doctors and scientist has also proven that a prayer can improve the health of us.

Punctuality and discipline:

When we offer prayer at the specific time, our routine automatically improves and we can also fulfill our other deeds and activities in time and our life becomes punctual.

Keeps away from sins:

Prayer keeps us away from sins and bad activities and so we can easily save our self from any sins like telling lie, cheating and many others. Prayer makes us able to avoid sins and bad works.

Makes our life successful:

Prayer makes our life successful and happy. We can easily face the challenges of life with prayer.


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Dear friends, prayer is a wonderful blessing of Allah which is compulsory for us. We should offer it regularly.

I hope that you may have liked my blog post. Thanks for reading


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