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Most coverage about Afghanistan in today’s media is about the endless violence and pointless deaths every day. What’s more important and meaningful in the country is the education of the children and their future. Every country across the world has its own beliefs and values that differ from the next country, but one belief is universal worldwide, and that belief is “knowledge is power.”

Though Afghanistan is an impoverished territory that is ridden with corruption and day to day extremism, many people there are still positive minded and looking forward to the future because of the opportunity for learning. Needless to say, the citizens there are serious about their children’s education and want to progress as a nation.

Optimized curriculum alone inside the classroom will not push education in Afghanistan into overdrive. To speed up the process, access to the World Wide Web is more than a necessity, it is vital for the new generations of people in the country. With this essential need, organizations like Film Annex have stepped up to the plate with mind, body, and soul to help out.

Just this month a fourth internet classroom was built from the floor up with everything from furniture to full computer and network hardware. And this was just at one school, Qowaye Chahar Zarehdar. Film Annex’s efforts to establish the internet inside school classrooms continues on beyond this location. Current progress is moving forward to build internet classrooms inside Hatifi High School as well, which is also in Herat.

With more and more schools gaining this much needed access to the internet, each time a new internet classroom opens, the future starts to look brighter for Afghanistan. This may be hard to believe with the constant drama there, but intelligence will beat out the ignorance in the long run.

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