Pressure kills the whole energy and talent of Human

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Human needs to be an area where they can be inspired, and get the overage to grow but unfortunately in most environments due to mis managements or unawareness about the management and leaderships rules people try to force others to do what they want and this is how the people get disappointed as well discouraged to show and improve their talent.

For an instance, imagine yourself one to be in an environment where you are free. Free as a bird, you are yourself, you can do what you want. Ok, now imagine you are in place where you are under pressure and everything is forced on you. You don’t have even time to think what you really want and love to do.

So, what do you think in which of these environments you can grow and be who you really are??

Yeah… of course, you are right, the first condition is the best one ever because, there you are free, you can improve your talents, grow, get inspired and to encouraged work harder.

Another example, can be the pressures during Taliban regime, women had their darkest area of their lives, those pressures made women to set at home and kill all their desires and talents that’s why now Afghanistan is passing hard times.

So, as result human’s need to be in an environment with proper management and know their responsibilities and do what they seriously like and love to do and show their talents. As well they have to know that management doesn’t mean pressure and with pressure they can’t control people and become successful in their work.  

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