Primecice Strategy To Win Without Betting.

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One of the most known bitcoin gambling websites is Primedice. Lots of people try, everyday, to win some more satochis, and lots of them finish losing it all. So here I will try to help you to win some. Remember that this strategy will not make you rich, but will surely help you to win and, if you're patient, to win more and more each day.

Ok, so, first of all you wil create 2 accounts. That will not be a problem since you can have as many as you want, but 2 will be enough. One will be your main account, the other will be your "bank".

Deposit at least 100k satochis to start. This is necessary because you will need to tip frequently your other account and the minimum tip value is 50k satochis. It will take about 30 minutes to have your deposit confirmed.

Once you have your 100k you will click on "payout" button in the betting area and choose 1.3x, that will give you 75% chances to win. Bet about 500 satochis each time, on loss you can keep on 500 satochis and try to win the 3 next bets, or go martingale and pass it straight to 2000 to recover. Be careful with it, and once you have won 10000 satochis stop.


So now you have about 110k satochis, you will tip your other account fully, that means, you will tip ALL your money to your other account. To tip just go to the chat and write: /tip and your other account username.


After that you are at 0.000, so now you can claim your faucet. It will be very small at the beginning but once you wager 1 BTC (not win, just wager), the faucet will start to increase.


Logout, and login into your other account. There you can repeat the process of doing some more bets, win about 5000 to 10000 satochis and tip back your main account fully.

Repeat the process and go back to your main account, bet some more, tip fully and claim faucet. You can claim a new faucet each 10 minutes and careful not to login/logout too many times or they will block just for some hours, nothing bad.

So, if you're careful and patient you can repeat this process 20 times a day at least. If you're afraid you don't need to gamble, just do the tip process. If you gamble just remember to be always very careful and not betting to much. Later when you have more satochis you can make bigger bets and win some more. Anyway, is very easy to win 100k daily...and stop, don't be greedy.

Hope it helps. 

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