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We are born and live in a Islamic society.And in Islam the man and woman have equal right.Before the Islam in the society the women have no rights and live like a servant but when the Islam comes the people aware about the value of woman.

In the Pakistan the women lives in very bad condition and face many problems in the society like in the villages mostly husband are treated their wife very harshly.And also show rude behavior with their sister and mother. They have no freedom to freely lives,going outside home,speech,expression, even have no freedom to thoughts.

In the the villages people think that women are born only for domestic work and have no right to get education.But our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said:

'Seeking knowledge is the duty of every Muslin man and woman'.

Another a big and serious problem in the villages is the marriage of the daughter and sister in very short age or sell them to a rich man only for money and send them very proudly.If we look at the city,the woman have less problem as compare to the villages and pass a very happy life.

It is all due to the education of women because it is the way by which we get their rights.

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