problems faced by Pakistan (part2)

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Another problem which is faced by Pakistan is poverty. Poverty rate has increased from 30% to 40%, about 60% population of Pakistan is facing this problem. The poor people are unable to provide single bread to their children. Rich people are becoming richer while our government is busy in political affairs and is failed to relief poor.

Overpopulation has caused many problems, population of Pakistan is increasing day by day and it has given rise to unemployment. In present days it has become more acute, people are taking academic degrees in their hands but they are jobless. It’s all because of our defective education and political system. It is the duty of Government to safeguard the interests of people who are jobless and should provide the better opportunities of jobs.


Another leading problem is energy crises. Energy crises have become the hottest issue of almost all the world. Pakistan is facing the all kinds of energy crises these are shortage of gas and electricity etc. These energy crises have caused disorderness in the country. Due to the shortage of gas and electricity the production of industries is very low as result of this there is inflation in country. Things are becoming out of the reach of poor people.

Education is necessary for the welfare and development of country. But in Pakistan the literacy rate is 50% it means half of the Pakistan’s population is illiterate and ignorant. Terrorism, unemployment, poor political system and corruption etc are due to the lack of education. Illiteracy is the mother of all the problems in Pakistan.


It is the time of doing something in order to pull Pakistan from all the crises. It is painful to see the beloved country to go down in ashes. Quaid e Azam and other leaders had so many dreams regarding Pakistan but the condition of Pakistan has become worst. We can save Pakistan if all the people join hands and work collectively under the flag of Pakistan. Pakistan can rise again with great struggle, prayers and hard work. We must save Pakistan it is our homeland.

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