Problems for Afghan Children

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A person who is under the age of eighteen is called child. Children are the future of tomorrow, they are flowers of the garden, a flower needs to water and we should water them.

As I mentioned in my previous topic about Afghan child laborer needs to save, here I want to indicate difficulties and the problems faced with the children who live in Afghanistan. There are several social factors which harm children and unorganized their lives and bring them problems. These factors are:

1.      Discrimination:

As we see discrimination between son and daughter is the most common factor go in to the family, while this matter is placed in opposite of our religious regulation.  This action also covered width place too. In school, hospital and work placement people create this discrimination between girl and boy. Preferring of one than other will prevent them from growth and success.


2.      Violence:

The next problem that children face in family, school and society is violence. This violence contains speech violence such as; abusive, blasphemy and using of bad words. Physical violence such as; physical harms, sexual abuses. Mental violence such as; despise and insult that all of them make problems on the way of children’s growth and success.


3.      Insecurity, sale and kidnap:

 Insecurity, sale and kidnap of children are other causes that bring dark for afghan children. These can make mental anxiety for the children and their parents and in more cases inhibit them to educate.


4.      Not to spot the child advantage:

Sometimes parents give decision without to spot the child advantage. For example they separate from each other without to attention child’s want or other issues, while they should spot the child advantage in first step.


5.      Not to attention the child views:

Our disagreeable traditional is not to attention the child view and opinion in some matters, although the opinion be right, real and informative. The reason is that they think children are still not adult to give their own opinions, while parents should attention to the child view because it will grow child’s mind.


6.      Poverty:

Poverty is also a problem for children, although child doesn’t have responsibility to be apart for preparing of home expenses, but because weak economic they have to work that can prepare apart of expenses. You can read more about reasons of working children on street here ( ). So parents must try to pave the ground for their education and knowledge.


In last I want from all parents to have attention of their children, because parent put trees to have fruit.


By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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