Problems of first and third world countries and its comparisan

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Asia and Africa which are poor, backward and undeveloped are called the countries of the third world. And the countries like western Europe, Canada, America, China and other united states are called first world. The poor countries of the third world have remains under the domination of many imperial powers.

Many of these countries get freedom in a recent years. Most of these countries are mainly agricultural. Many of poor countries do not afford good quality of seeds, fertilizers and modern machinery that are used in the fertilization as compared to the other countries.

That is why they are production is very less as compared to other fertilizers. The countries of the third world are also industrial backward . They do not ever enough industries to support their economy. As a result of this country by the goods from other country with high price or exchange there production.

These countries are also backward in the science and technology. They do not have the modern machinery and technology that are necessary for passing life or live in a modern society. The countries of third world have a number of serious problems.

Perhaps a greatest of these problems is rapid growing in population. The population is increasing at alarming rate in undeveloped countries. If you want to make our country like the united countries we should give full attention to agriculture because our soil is our gold.

We get all the needs from this soil and also export it to the other country.

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