Progress of Afghan Development Project in #DigitalLiteracy and Digital Media for students

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Dear Students,

Thank you all for your hard work and participation. You are the first 50,000 pioneers on the Afghan Development Project at Film Annex and now Women’s Annex. When I speak with the Film Annex team in New York City, USA, and the Film Annex programming team in Florence, Italy, I refer to you as our Digital Pioneers and Entrepreneurs.

The Film Annex team in New York City, USA.

Your words and films are reaching a world audience, and we look at you as partners in our mission to create a “Citizenship without Borders”, where members of Film Annex and Women's Annex can express their views safely and freely.

The model is simple:

Women's Annex Media Labs + Examer Content Creator = Digital Literacy = Communication without Borders

The progress of #DigitalLiteracy via the #BuzzScore continues to spread. Back in New York, our partner Francesco Rulli of Film Annex had some good meetings with Advertising Networks about the Buzz Score, and the Advertisers that pay to place advertisements on Film Annex are requesting quality films and blogs. The higher the quality of your blogs and films, the higher the BuzzScore and revenues.

By providing access to the Internet and creating Media Labs for children of developing countries like Afghanistan, we can support your efforts to be professional writers, social media experts, filmmakers and software developers.


Our office in Herat, Afghanistan has finished a successful workshop about Film Treatments for students in 9 schools. Users have now tested the Examer Content Creator and students will soon earn Micro-Scholarships provided by Film Annex.


Our students and their BuzzScores. 

Our investment in Digital Literacy and Digital Media for female students in developing countries is time consuming but very rewarding for me personally. It opens opportunities for women to become social media experts and be good communicators. We continue to see your confidence grow and we are sharing your ideas, writing, and films with the world. "Communication without Borders" grows every day thanks to your hard work.

Roya Mahboob

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