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My name is Sadaqatullah and I am BBA student in 8th semester. I love all topics belong to the BBA program. Sometime we get topics from our teachers which they need to be solve based on teachers' instruction. Below is some of my answers to some questions belong to the case study one.

  1. 1.   How do companies combine methodologies?

Methods mean ways or options which the companies can use in order to find more solutions for reaching their goals. Methods or methodologies can be differ by its business types and nature, for example: In academic environment such as universities, schools or other training centers there are different methodologies for teaching, examining, preparation of test papers, quizzes or any other things, but in Motors company the methodologies are differ than the university.

Therefore, when two schools or two universities or two companies with almost same methodologies want to combine their methodologies together, first of all they need to evaluate the entire systems related to each methodology together and then combine methodologies.

  1. 2.   How to you get employees to change work habits that have proven to be successful?

 Employees within the companies are very serious when new methodologies are applied; they need to know about the new system and methods which is applied. It would be very difficult the employees work habits while they have been working for a long time and some of them even are not interested to go beyond their daily practice and experience new habits. So, the management needs to evaluate and get the proper planning to get the habits of the employees changed without any difficulties and destruction. Thus, management needs to provide proper facilitations for the employees and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the new practice and methodologies. The management needs to provide a presentation of new methodologies and its values to the employees to get them interested.

  1. What influence should a customer have in redesigning a methodology that has proven to be successful?

The companies should be very careful while applying new methodology and take steps in redesigning of the product. And it is just because to not to lose their loyal customers by presenting or launching new products. There is a proverb saying that: “each customer has four eyes”, they always try to get products with high quality and pay less money for that, the companies should continue the previous product according to the demands of the customers and not to stop the existing methodology while starting new products with new methodology.


Because every new products which is entering to the market needs their proper marketing and awareness in order to attract more customers. The company needs to continue producing their previous products and parallel to production of the old products, they need to start producing new products using new methodologies with different design and enter them to the market with different shape, brands and quality. If the company stop the old products and start the new designed products, then the company will lose their loyal customers till the new designed products are well demanded.   

  1. What if the customers want the existing methodologies left intact?

All the business and companies are alive for their customers, without customers the companies, methodologies, systems, business and other economical activities are nothing. Here the company sees if the customers want the existing methodologies without even bringing very small changes in it, then the company should perform based on their customers’ needs and wants, otherwise the customers’ demand will be strongly decreased no one will buy the company products.  

So, if the existing methodology is very costly and problematic for the companies and on the hand the customers want the existing methods, so the company should try to remove the existing methodology gradually and presenting a new designed products instead based on the needs and wants of the customers.

  1. What if the customers are unhappy with the new combined methodology?

As discussed above, first of all the company should not stop the existing methodology while launching new combined methodology until the customers are not fully aware for the new combined methodology. If the customers are still unhappy with the new combined methodology, then the company should start and launch a research with relevant data regarding the disadvantages of new combined methodology and advantages of current methodology and after the completion of the research, then the company could finalize and evaluate the research data and the major problems that why the customers are not happy with the new combined methodology? After that the company should apply the positive points of the current methodology in to new combined methodology to keep their customers happy with the new combined methodology gradually.

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Sadaqatullah Sadiq was born in 1974 in Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. Studied in Economics fields. Worked as Procurement and finance and research fields in UNOPS, Altai Consulting and , MoF currently working as Head of Procurement in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development. NABDP/UNDP

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