Projection Theory Part 1

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Today I want to tell you about basic elements of a proper engineering drawing. In mine previous blog I had told you about what is drawing its purpose its importance and much more. It’s well said that you study and we (Engineers) create the world. So, we can’t ignore the importance of the engineers in this world. Now I am staring mine today’s blog…..So, here you go….

Projection and Projectors

1.Projectors or line of site (LOS)

The rays of light reflecting from different edges of the object are called LOS


The image which formed due to line of site is called projections. It can be drawn on paper or profile plane.

3.Plane of projections

The imaginary or solid plane on which projection’s surface drawn is called the plane of projection.

Projection Theory

In Engineering we have use two types of projection theories.

 Projection theory tells us how we can relate 2D object in 3D plane.

  1. Parallel Projection Method

In this method we have;

Distance between viewer and object is infinite so, line of site will be parallel.

It requires object must be infinite and vied from different sides and make projections on projection plane or imaginary plane.


To be continuing…



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