properties , Uses and types of natural silver

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Silver is found in nature as well as prepared artificially. It is mostly exist in the form of ores. The separation of silver from its ores by using the different techniques.

Cyanide process, parkes process, electrolytic process are used for the extraction of silver. These process are very useful for the increase in the production of silver. Silver can be prepared in industries by reacting silver chloride with mercury to form silver.

Silver chloride reacts with sodium cyanide to form silver and sodium chloride. Silver is used in the formation of different products. When silver react with copper chloride to form silver chloride and copper. Silver is also used as jewellery.

The men and woman use the silver as jewellery. It has less expensive as compared to gold and silver enhanced the beauty. Silver is used to the decoration in royal homes. Silver is used for making silver wire, ornaments, and coins.

It is used for coating of different materials. In liberty, silver is used for the preparation of silver nitrate. It is very important chemical used in the preparation of different compounds.

Silver is also used in photographic purpose. Silver is found in different countries. It also exist in mountains under the rocks.Silver hsve a great importance for the production of different things.

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