Pros and Cons of Watching Television

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Pros and Cons of Watching Television




This is the era of science. If we look around, we are surrounded by science. The fan, television, mobile, telephone, computer, bulbs and so on, all are the invention of science. These are all for the benefit of mankind. But sometimes it also leaves bad impact in our life.

  Now a day, I think there is an almost 80 to 90 % person who can’t live without watching television. Television has become the most essential thing in our life. Whenever a man enters his house, his first concern is that to watch what the latest news of today is. And he just sits in front of T.V and starts enjoying watching news, dramas, and movies so on.

Here my concern is with the cons and pros of watching television.



  • The era where we live, we know that T.V is the entertainment source in our busy life.
  • Whenever we want to know that what is going on in our surrounding and in the world, we watch news to get updated.
  • Channels like National geographic, discovery provide us beneficial information about wild life etc.
  • Quiz shows increases our knowledge and IQ.
  • Recipes channel helps us to learn many delicious recipes.
  • Reality shows like singing shows, dancing shows, acting etc motivates and encourage people who are interested in that field.


  • Children’s minds are affected by adult scenes that are frequently shown on T.V.
  • Children prefer watching T.V instead of playing outdoor games that cause damage to the health.
  • Our eye sight is badly affected by watching T.V.
  • By watching T.V frequently, we cut off our social life. We don’t give time to our family, friends and relatives and our dearest ones.
  • If people relate their own story with some character, it can have bad impact on their own life.
  • Sometimes children copy the act that is shown in some programs, this might dangerous for them.
  • The mental condition of the children effects when they watch scary shows.
  • By watching violent acts in T.V, may lead to the violent behavior in life.

So try to avoid these things in your life that are not beneficial for yourself.  And adopt such things that have a great impact in your life.





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