Prostitution ... social reality poses more of a question?

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Is a social phenomenon old, stood in the face of various social and economic transformations, political and even technological, and managed the development of methods and means of propaganda for their services, in order to maintain its presence and continuity throughout the past centuries, so permeated this phenomenon in the most popular neighborhoods and marginal and even some upscale neighborhoods, and was able to stand in the face of campaigns waged by the authority and the community to combat and eliminate them, based on the role of mediator and organized prostitution network that works to revitalize the white slave trade and to meet the wishes of customers hungry for hugging soft bodies and satisfy their sexual desires pent ...

The draped prostitution great importance to the media, researchers and those concerned with social, but that this interest often takes dye investigation and public and highlights the "prostitutes" or "prostitutes" to keep other aspects of the mysterious and interesting, which creates among many margin vital for research and study, of in order to answer questions from readers and observers of this phenomenon, which centered on the reasons why the chip large numbers of women into the world of promiscuity and immorality, and society's perception of the prostitutes, and the effects of this phenomenon on the social environment, are the same questions I got distracted for a period of time and led me to digging on this subject and do not even dropped in the repetition and the public tried to broach the subject from a different angle, focused on the prevalence of prostitution in the middle of student based on testimony of victims of the treachery of their time, and Dfthen social and economic conditions to into prostitution in order to obtain a university degree, but the immersion in the world of fun and sex hack often what leads them to drop out of school permanently, many questions impose themselves on their importance: what are the reasons that paid by student university to fall into the arms of the underworld? Is it moral reasons, social or economic? What are the psychological repercussions of this phenomenon on its practitioners? And how the community looks to the kind of women?

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