Protect your eyes..(in islam)

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A young man came in and did a great service to him that you refrain from evil-mindedness, but to me, too many do not protect your eyes?

The good old cup of milk and bring it to such a great, but not absolutely essential that the cup of milk and a man fell would be with you
I spilled a drop of milk they would put you in front of all shoes

Carefully brought the cup to the young man,
He came back and said that I had taken the cup is

This is exactly how I asked the elders saw the young man said a Newer forms
  All my attention was that of drinking milk falls somewhere is not my shame,

That said, the elderly and those bowls that they always keep an eye on your heart
It was overflow the cup of sin,
If the sin is a disgrace to the Day of Judgment Day of shame and fear of Allah, then there is definitely never a bad optical

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