Public Schools

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Schools controlled and financed by government are called government schools. There is no fee in these school. Students get free education from these institutes. There are large no of Govt. schools in Pakistan. Poor parents those cannot afford private school get admission for their children in these school. Poor students quench their thirst for knowledge in these schools. In Pakistan these schools provide free books to the poor and needy students. They also give them scholarships. These institutes playing an important role to increase the literacy rate in developing country Pakistan.

Unfortunately there are many defects and problems in these institutes. First of all there are many ghost schools in Pakistan. They are only on papers and they do not exists. Second problem of these schools is there teachers. Some of them are not qualified for the jobs they are doing in Govt. schools. In far rural public schools the teachers come rarely but get there salary on time. They only goes to school when some team come to check the school. So this effect the students of this school. Some teachers use brutal force on their students if they do not study properly. They beat them like animals.

In the end we have to change our public school system and knock out all not working teachers to make it better and increasing our literacy rate.     

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