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We (Pakistani) are the most intellectual and intelligent nation of the world when it comes to writing in the public toilets and walls.

If you live in Pakistan or have visited Pakistan and had the experience to go to public toilets, you must be familiar with these writings, most of them are very funny, some of them are dedicated to love, and many of them are  about politics, not only Pakistani politics but international politics, some writings are about sectarian differences.

Most of the wall writings are ads of the persons, like physicians, palmists, sannyasa, in these ads u will find the cure of all the diseases including cancer, diabetes, hepatitis of all kinds and someone who cannot please his wife, is guaranteed to find the remedy.

I like the writings in public toilets, infect I love them, because these writings show the mindset of our people, someone wrote in a toilet “I love you Faiza, I don’t know when will you understand my true love” now this man does not know that Faiza is never going to use this toilet and how will she see that.

In many toilets you will see, written right inverting of you “look right”, when you will look right you will see “look left” and when you will look left you will find “what are you looking for here and there, just do your job and get the hell out of here”.

Another very interesting and funny writing is “use your power and save time”, another writing says” this is the place where every great person and the ordinary person can only do the same thing” another writing says” here nobody wants to have a look what he has done”, another writing says “everyone inundates what he has achieved here”, another very common writing is “don’t waste time, hurry up”.

Some people write “writing here is insult of education” a person wrote” reader of this writing is a bastard”

A foolish wrote beneath that writing “writer of this writing is a bastard”, some people just write their mobile numbers with this writing “beautiful girls can call me”,

Some writings are about politicians, declaring public toilets their houses, like “Zardari house”, “Musharraf house” and some writings about politicians cannot be written here. Some writings are about daily issues like load shedding, commodity prices, and corruption.

Some writing are about sectarian differences, which declares someone a disbeliever.

Well, some of these writings are annoying, but most of them are funny, it is difficult to stop this thing, I rather enjoy it. 



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