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Public wellbeing is defined as a usual receiving of assistance and benefits from the Govt. Our Govt. has a range of departments of public welfare.

RESCUE 1122. Rescue 1122 is Pakistan’s first rescue department. It provides all kinds of assistance to any form of problem people may face. This department recruits best kind of people and trains them for any kind of disaster. They have state of the art and most modern ambulances which are used to transport people to the hospitals. These ambulances are also equipped with medical equipment to provide necessary medical care right then and there. There are people with these ambulances who are trained to provide medical treatment on the road in case of an accident. There are fire-fighting and water-rescue teams standing by for any accidents all the time. These people are trained to rescue and provide medical care to people involved in fire and water accidents.

HOSPITALS. Hospitals are from runners in providing emergency and medical care to people. Govt-operated hospitals have emergency departments where doctors are available 24 hours a day. Govt. of Pakistan has equipped these emergency departments with all the necessary medicines and life-saving drugs. Hospitals have all the necessary and modern equipment required for testing and diagnosing diseases. The medical care in the emergency is free and all the medicines required at that time to save the life of the patient are also free.

DARA-UL-AMAN. Govt. of Pakistan has setup Dara-ul-Aman in major cities of the country. The purpose of these homes is to provide shelter to women who have no place to go. Women and children who have nowhere to go are allowed to stay here. Women who are abused by their family members seek shelter in these houses. Runaway and abused children are also kept here so they may not fall into the wrong hands. Such children in the wrong hands may become criminals or beggars. In shelters like these, they are kept safe and given proper education. They are also taught skills so they may become useful members of the society,

NATIONAL SAVING. National Saving is a Govt. financial institute. It offers many saving schemes to its customers which give them reasonable profit. The profit ratio of national saving is more than commercial banks; therefore people invest their money in national saving. Schemes of national saving are different than the commercial banks.

BANKS. Banks are financial institutes governed by the government. There are also private banks owned by people. These banks are called commercial banks. The purpose of these banks is to earn profit but still they provide different facilities to people. The governing bank is called the State Bank. People deal with the commercial banks and state bank looks after the interest of the people by keeping an eye on the commercial banks. Both state bank and commercial banks provide different facilities to the general public. State bank has started a Prize Bond scheme in public through which people win large prizes. These prize bonds are of different values and there are different values of prizes on these bonds. Commercial banks also provide different facilities to their customers.

MUNCIPAL ORGANIZATIONS. Municipal organizations act as management of the cities. Here are a few of their responsibilities:

1. They are responsible for cleaning cities. They employ people to keep the streets   of the cities neat and clean.

2.  They are also responsible for the proper disposal of the garbage. They collect garbage from all over the city and dump it some-where outside the city.

3.  They are also responsible for the proper working of sewerage system. They keep the sewerage running so they don’t overflow.

4.  From time to time, they spray pesticides all over the city to kill germs and insects. Different pesticides are thrown in the sewer to kill harmful bacteria. Thus they are keeping us safe and healthy. These pesticides kill flies; hence prevent diseases to spread from one place to another.

5.  They take care of the gardens and public places of the cities. They water the plants all over the city so that they remain fresh and add to the beauty of the city.









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