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Here's the latest installment in the Film Annex Capital Partners interview series. This week, the subject of our interview is Kirk McDonald, the president of PubMatic, an ad network used by Film Annex that helps publishers manage their display ad inventory. They've had recent success by raising $45 million in a move led by August Capital, which is particularly impressive in a time when many investors are less impressed with ad tech companies than they have been in years past.

In this interview, Kirk McDonald discusses the founding of PubMatic, the role of social media in business, and his take on Film Annex's work in Afghanistan through the Afghan Development Project. Check him out—he's very charming and well-spoken, and he has nothing but wonderful things to say about Film Annex!

For those in a rush, here are some of my favorite sound bytes:

-On the founding of Pubmatic: “Publishers are going to need a tech provider that is going to be really independent and really supports the core business of the publisher.” 

-On PubMatic's partners: They prefer to work with publishers who “really pride themselves on the relationship their content creates with audiences.” With the growing size of the Internet and all the options it provides, creating a personal connection with your audience can be difficult when you're going it alone. Sounds like PubMatic might have some solutions.

-On the rise of digital media and its effect on the developing world: “The opportunity of digital is that it has made the world more connected...barriers have gone down, not just walls but barriers for entry, the chances for more creative thought, the chances for more inspired young people to reach out and realize their full potential.”

-On the Afghan Development Project: “I am surprised and excited. Surprised at how much of an impact has already been created by Film Annex's initiative and excited because of the fact that you have not nearly reached the potential of impact you will have. I am humbled by the initiative you have taken on. This is the stuff that really warms your heart and is actually what we should be doing all of us with some of our time...I am really impressed with what the business has taken on as an objective with this goal.”

He also discusses his work with non-for-profits and charities through groups like Camp Interactive and the TD Foundation. Since his preferred groups work for the benefit of children, it is no wonder the Afghan Development Project is something that hits so close to home for him. Film Annex has found an excellent partner in Kirk McDonald as a like-minded individual and PubMatic as a company, with their commitment to building strong audience-publisher relationships through Internet-based interactions and a personal passion for helping children around the world. 

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