Qatar Wins 2022 World Cup/A Game Changer or Super Bowl?

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First Muslim majority country to host World Cup can be a game changer on political and cultural level. Certainly debunks those who would promote "clash of civilizations" in favor of a game that brings peoples together on a playing field, (while good sportsmanship and clean play are not always the norm on the field, the competition and skills/perseverance that soccer represents through individual and teams is what is most critical to success in the game). Although one of smallest by population and football/soccer legacy, Qatar has the resources to bring it together. It is also one of more culturally progressive in region that should lend itself well for soccer spilling over into a broader cultural and artistic engagement. Will there be a whiplash from religious reactionary forces or even terrorist threats? We will see, but it is preferable to hold out the promise of change and the positive interaction rather than to continue to further old stereotypes and the presumptions of conflict that such fuel from the scum of intolerance, from all sides of the extreme. How about another rapprochement through sports: Qatar hosts "the real football championship" - OK, American football - Super Bowl. That's still my favorite - from when I grew up with and played, with my father alongside - he a still committed "soccer" buff!

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