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QLF Incorporated

The Quantum Leap Foundation Incorporated is a nonprofit organization innovating digital incentives to promote the welfare of people and planet collectively.

QLF Incorporated has been working with me in Botswana since I contacted Bitconfused.org, the online learning portal for the Quantum Leap Foundation. QLF Incorporated really surprised me when they responded saying that they wanted to help and really loved what I was doing for Bitcoin in Botswana.


I contacted the Quantum Leap Foundation at the end of January and now have an official role with the Bitcoin Nonprofit organization as the Ambassador for Africa as well as being the Bitcoin Ambassador for Botswana

 Digital Philanthropy

The Quantum Leap Foundation has taught me something very interesting that I am now able to share and encourage others to learn and use - Digital Philanthropy. They call what they're doing Digital Philanthropy because it promotes the welfare of others from the Internet. It's a very powerful tool and if you aren't familiar with this idea, please follow the link to learn more! http://www.bitconfused.org/digital-philanthropy


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Bitcoin Ambassador for Botswana, Africa. Africa Ambassador and Digital Professional at QLF Incorporated (Quantum Leap Foundation)

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