Qualifications Of A Good Parent

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Everyone wants to be married in his or her life. We can say that it a dream for everyone to be married in life so do I. After marriage majority produce new one and become parent. But the question is do I think that I have the qualifications of a good parent? Answer is yes I have the qualifications of a good parent.

First of all I will spent more my time with my child. I will help him in his studies. I will spend my time with him in eating, playing indoor, outdoor or a video game. I can go out with him for a movie, picnic or a fun fair.  This will bring me close to him and make me his good friend probably the best.

   Second if I build a good character in front of his friends, never insult, underestimate or interrogate them, then I will become an ideal father for them and that will build my good relations with my child.

It is a quality of a good parent that they keep an eye on their child so he never joins a bad company and become a bad person in his life. Good parents keeps their children save and away from any type of drugs and drinking habits. So do me.  I try to facilitate them with all essentials and give them good education.

Lastly the parent’s relation directly affects the child mentally and he can easily goes in depression. So I try to build good relation with my spouse and never fight in front of my children.    

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