Qualities of ideal country and how we make a perfect country and society

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This world consist of different country.In every country of the world peoples live both cities,villages and other side areas.It is need of every people that his country is beautiful,lots of facilities,natural beauty and peace are present.

The natural beauty is one of the essential thing in the life of human beings like green grass ,trees,lacks, streams,oceans,mountains and rivers etc.All those thing are he beauty of our world without it this world becomes colorless and boring just like a man made things.

Excess of facilities is also very important in the every country because peoples do not live without modern technology in this society.The electronic devices,industrial instrument,modern machines all those things that make our work fast and easy are our need.

Peace is also have a great importance in our life.Those country in which murders,crimes are committed no one like to live there because people wants safety of life and he live in a peace full country.In short the ideal country of the world are those where all thing like natural and man made things are present and peoples lives a happy life.

Every one live with discipline,unity and faith and also every one follow the rules that make our society batter.peoples live freely and spend there life according to his own life style.

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