Querlo, a chatbot with a heart, conquering Dubai

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My visit to Dubai is coming to an end after 10 days in this city, I took this trip with the same attitude I took in 3 decades of Judo, aggressive and perseverant. The Getty Images photographer portrayed well my sentiment in the picture below.

The Querlo team attended the Gulfood where 5,000 exhibitors connected with nearly 100,000 visitors from allover the World. At the Gulfood, Querlo provided its technology to Tetra Pak and Lavazza with the purpose to facilitate the conversation between those companies and their clients attending the event. We established connections with a series of new potential clients.

For Tetra Pak we updated the app we had created for the Gulfood Manufacturing, introduced the app to their clients and gathered Qualitative data from nearly 40% of the clients invited.

For Lavazza we launched a FB and Linkedin campaign targeting 92,000 attendees, got their promotion in front of 17,000 visitors and collected Qualitative data from 100 clients interested in upgrading their Coffee experience.

The following week we attended the Dubai Lynx conference, named “the biggest celebration of creative communication”. There we interacted with 20 leading companies interested in the use of Querlo for its communication and research tools in real time. Dubai Lynx was a great platform where we connected with agencies, brands, and technology companies to establish collaborations with VR and augmented reality.

Ms. Virali Shah joined the Querlo team as our business development team in MENA and Centra Asia.

Here below a bit of Dubai, seen from the lenses of my iPhone.

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