Quran and Hazrat Mohammad

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quran is a holy book. it was descended in the year (610) AD by Gebriel to Mohammad (P,B,U,H) Quran has (6666) verses and (114) sura. the descent of Quran took (23) years and was firstly collected in caliphate of Abobaker

. the caliph Islam. Quran introduces Islam and guides the mankind to humanity equality and brotherhood , All the Muslims believe in Quran and regard it as a sacred book.

Hazrat Mohammad

Hazrat Mohammad(P,B,U,H) is the messenger of Islam. He was born in Mecca in (570) A,D and belonged to Quraish tribe. His father Abdullah had died before Mohammad is birth and his mother bibi Amana died when he was six years old

.In the ago of twenty five he married Khadija and in the ago of forty he raised up as a messenger. He was very honest and obedient man years every one respected him very much.He lived for sixty three tears and passed away (632) A,D his holy towb is in Medine and it is a sacred place for the world Muslims.


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