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It is the best volume originated by someone ever because it is created by the power who created us, created this world, created this universe and everything in our vision and beyond it. As all the people believe that none can challenge the divine power, none can challenge this divine volume. This is the only book in this world that overcomes all the aspects of one’s life. If we quest about an ideal character from birth to death, validated rules to climb the stairs of success, knowing the philosophy of life, even any aspect then Quran Pak satisfies a man in his curiosity.


 If we read it thoroughly and apprehend its authentic meaning, we will be compelled to believe that it possesses the power that paves one’s way to light. If a man whether he is rich or poor, governor or from public, king or slave  , conquered or defeated person , teacher or student, parent or child or even anyone belonging to any field of life, only Quran Pak is his guiding star. It is assured that this glowing star will certainly enlighten his life and he will be pacified in this world and the world hereafter.


 The only sentence that may convince the whole world with my all above discussion is that, only this Quran is the base of today’s development and scientific approach. Many scientists believe that fact that they tended to travel to space just because of the verse in Quran which Allah has gestured towards the objects existing between the earth and sky. To sum up it is concluded that Quran holds the guidance about all the areas of life in code wording for the men willing to comprehend it.