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When I was a child, I heard people say when a girl follows a rainbow, she becomes a boy, and when a boy follows a rainbow, he becomes a girl. It was only a joke for children, or maybe it was a way to keep them indoors.

The colors of a rainbow are like the colors of life. What do the colors mean?

Purple means love and kindness. Blue means peace. Green means the freshness of nature. Yellow is for superior thought, clarity, fear, infidelity, disbelief, and frustration. Orange is a warm color of joy and light.

Like the colors of a rainbow, our lives are full of happiness, love, infidelity, and disbelief.

I once read how if a person prays during a rainfall, the prayer will be heard. If we see a rainbow in the sky during a rainfall, it means that if we pray while a rainbow appears, our prayers will be heard too.

Next time I see a sky that is rainy and sunny at the same time, I will pray for true love for my family and for my future love, whoever he will be. I will pray for God to let me try and do good, for me to make a new life.

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