Ramadan is the month of mercy and moderation

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Ramadan month is a holly month of Muslim; people in all over the world are fasting daily from the dawn to the vesper of evening. in the evening when the clergy man calls Azan, people start eating, and they usually wake up in dawn as( sahary)  and eat food and drink water.


This holy month, Ramadan is the month of mercy and moderation, at the beginning God forgiveness and freedom from hellfire its end.

It is the ninth month of Arabic calendar. Days are passing with no drinking and eating, during days all the bad deeds like; backbiting behind other is forbidden, since it is consider as the biggest sin. Muslim believes that Quran is completed and sent to the Earth from the heaven in this holly month. Ramadan is consider as the spring of Quran.



During every year, there is one month in the name of Ramadan that all people bound themselves religiously to be on fast and obey the roles which are imposed.

This month is called worshiping and praying month, in this month it is proved that crime decrease among society, and all people try their best to do the God’s accepted deeds, Ramadan consider as banquet of Allah so that it is consider the most luxurious month of the year, in this month Satan is Tied with chains so that praying can be more easier, because temptations in case of misleading to do the bad and Immoral deeds.

In this month all the doors of heaven are open so as we do the best and accepted deeds all  the sin are forgives by God.

 The 27 day and night of Ramadan Angeles are crossing from the sky so that anyone who pray and does the good deed will notice  a sign crossing from the sky . That sign is the sign of perfection of the person who sees the sign. That night is called (Lailetol Qadr) or Night of Qadr.

Worshipers stay awake all night and reading Quran and praying Qadr nights.

   After one month praying, fasting and worshiping of God the greatest Festival and holyday of Muslim arrives as (Eid ul fetr) it is happens at 30th day of Ramadan.


In 30th day of Ramadan it is allowed to break the fast and start eating and drinking. because the day of Eid arrives.

Muslims are so happy in day of (Eid), and they visit their relevant, friends and family. (Eidul Fetr) is the biggest and holy day. Now at the moment we are in the Ramadan month and all day we are fasting and the weather is too warm but in this kind of situation being on fast is more accepted by God. The philosophy of  Ramadan month is to find out and understand the poor people and staying with no eating and drinking.


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