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Ramazan is the most blessed  month of Allah. The is the King of all months. In this month all Muslims keep fast.

Fasting means spending whole day (from morning to evening) without eating and drinking anything.

Allah Almighty said about Ramazan that:-

"Oh! you who believe, fasting is prescribed for those before you, that you may attain taqwaa. "

At another place Allah Almighty said:-

"... and it is better for you that ye fast, if ye only knew."


So in the month of ramazan we can attain Taqwaa. Taqwaa means to put barrier between you and Allah Almighty.Allah loves those who attain taqwaa. So we should practice like a good Muslim not only in ramazan but whole of our life. 

Here I am writing a verse of Holy Quran about Taqwaa. By reciting this you can understand the importance of taqwaa in Islam.


"The most honored by Allah amongst  you are those best in taqwaa. "


The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that:-


"...whoever fasts during ramazan out of sincere faith and hopping to attain Allah's reward ,  then all his past sins will be forgiven."


The Question arises how can we attain Allah's reward. Is fast means only going without eating and drinking whole day?


Ramazan is the month of patience, helpfulness, praying etc. In this month we do eat and drink whole the day so we feel the feelings of those poor people who do not have anything to eat. This feeling forces us to help those people.

We take care of our neighbours in this month. We exchange meals with them. We sand meal to poor people . In this way we help them.

In this month most Muslims pay Zakat. This is also a way to help poor people. So they can also enjoy this blessed month. 

In Ramazan Muslim tries his best to avoid sins. He tries to attain the nearness of Allah by praying, helping other and practicing according to the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

If we spend whole year like the month of Ramazan ,we can be the best Muslim nation. 

May Allah Almighty grant us all the blessings of Ramazan.

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