rape violence in the community

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Different crimes are increasing in all global, but the unconditional violence with women in our world is also a great cruelty. Rape is very popular activity in our society. Recently large number of cases came from all over the global. Cis a human appetite for which he can cross any limit, so rape can be done in our society where one woman live. Community is a place where a woman feels secure, but any abuser can break the limit of his conduct and can do a characterless action. Some time when a people are migrating due to any problem like floods, battle, fire etc, and then those refugees can also be victim of rape.

The rate of rape is being in whole world. All the world women are stuff up by such increasing fire of rape toward themselves. According to the survey of united state government in US the rape cases are being done after every six minutes. This is the counting of those cases which are registered, a the actual digit of rate of prey of rape in united state is much more then represented report by survey of government. India is also badly affected by rape cases, where the women are being dupe of rape with increasing on massive scale.

In some area of the world a sexual assault can be happen after their wedding by their husband. And when one husband intercourse with her by force, it is not consider to be a crime for which a man cannot be accused unless she can show a critical wound by sexual attack. Those people which are accused in the case of sexual assault in their home with their wives, got very light sentence.

In many countries women are compel to sex in the in the avarice of their money. Some employers abuse their authority and force their female employee for intercourse in the greed of their promotion in their work. Senior officers promise their female subordinate for future benefit in her salary or other favour in their job. If anyone refuses to accept their suggestion of intercourse with their senior officer, this decision would be hazardous for their job, and this decision can bring toughness in her duty. So the sexual harassment is increasing in several places in different countries.