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Hello, bitLanders. This is another installment for my series "Turn Your Dreams Into Reality".

You now have your life goals and smaller goals! It's now time to reach out for your dreams and take massive action now!



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Turn your dreams into reality.

it starts with a dream. Our dreams… your dream, your vision, is your destination. If you don't have a dream in life, you will have no direction, for you don't know where you are going. You will be a boat, with no oar, nor sail in a vast, endless ocean. You just ride along the waves wherever they take you.

"You have to dream before your dreams can come true. "
-A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


In the first installment of this series, ' Can You Imagine Your Life Twenty Years From Now?', we wrote down our dreams. In the exercise in that article, we imagined how we want our lives to be twenty years from now. As Walt Disney said:


If You Can Dream It, You Can Do it. - Walt Disney
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Turn Your Dreams Into goals

Then we turn those dreams into goals. Our life goals. We did that by simply adding a little more details on our dreams. More importantly, we set a deadline on each of those dreams when we want them to happen. Just as the best selling author Napoleon Hill said:

A goal is a dream with a deadline. - Napoleon Hill

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Create Smaller Goals

Having huge life goals sometimes is overwhelming. Sometimes we think, 'Are my goals realistic? Will I be able to achieve them?".

So we created smaller goals. Each smaller goal would either take us closer to our life goals or give us the feeling of accomplishments, every day. This list of daily goals must include your daily routine, like getting up early - at a particular time, five-minute exercise, etc..


Create smaller goals/tasks

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Take Action

We now have our dreams, we have our life goals, and we have our smaller goals. Don't let those goals stay on your list, take action! It's the only way get one step closer to your life goals every day!

Take action!

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Do you want to build your body or you just want to lose weight? Those muscles won't grow by themselves with you sitting down. Nor those fats will burn themselves with you doing nothing! You need to spend time in the gym. Start light, start small. What is important is you start taking action now and do it every single day!

The book you want to write will not write itself. The money you want to earn will not magically appear in front of you the moment you thought of it! You need to take action! Take massive, determined actions!


Take massive action.

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Face the Challenges

There will be challenges and obstacles. Sometimes, you will stumble. sometimes you will fall. When you fall, pick yourself up, right away. Don't let it stop you.

It is unavoidable that sometimes, you won't accomplish some of your daily goals, or your life goals on the time or the way you wanted it. Don't stop. It's a challenge for you. Challenges are supposed to make you stronger, not stop you!

If an obstacle is so huge for you, you might need to go around it sometimes.

Minimize  Distractions

Minimize distractions

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I have to admit it. I often easily get distracted when I started doing this. Even up to now, I still get distracted. However, making the daily goals help me get into focus.

What I am trying to say is, when you start doing things that would take you closer to your goals, there will always be challenges, obstacles, and distractions that will interfere or stop you from doing things.

Get Out of Your Comfort zone.

Doing this might take you out of your comfort zone. There are things that you will be uncomfortable with but you need to do them. You will need to do things that you may not have done before. Or you may need to do things that you don't want to do.

Things that are outside your comfort zone. However, if you want to succeed you NEED to do these things outside your comfort zone!

"What makes you comfortable can ruin you, and only in a state of discomfort can you continually grow."

-Bill Eckstrom

Don't be afraid to Fail

Perhaps the most damning and most disabling of all obstacle is the fear of failure. Honestly speaking, I grew up with this fear. To some extent, I still have this fear within me. Whenever I need to decide or do something, I always fear the negative outcome. As a result, the fear stops me from doing what I need to do.

However, I realized, that most of the time, the fear is nothing but a baseless worry. Instead of fearing failure, learn from them. Thomas Edison did not discover the light bulb in one try. 


Learn from your failures.

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Discipline Yourself.


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. -Jim Rohn
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The main trait of a successful person is self-discipline. It's the ability to keep your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and activities in check. Without self-discipline, you might drift away from your goal in the middle.

Habits are not formed overnight. It takes a lot of discipline to form good ones.

Start Now!

Lastly, but the most important one is, you start taking massive action. Don't wait for tomorrow, start doing it right now!

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