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It's been a long time I did not write a blog. This time I will write about how to become a top user without becoming a spammer in bitLanders. Why do I say spammer? Because bitLanders recently announced a new rules about comments that spam bitLanders and a user who is a spamming in the global chat by begging or asking Buzz or Sub. Those who violate the rules of will be banned from bitLanders for one day and won't be able to log in or collect any Reward for that time period. You can read the detail here: "Ban for Buzz and Sub comments and on the chat".

In this blog I'll give you a little secret or a tips how can I become one of the top user in this bitLanders. Although many users have discussing about this issue, but I will give you special tips from my own experience.

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What Is A Spammer?

In bitLanders, spammers can be defined as a user who made post or post a comment in large numbers and with the same content. When connected to the new regulations, comments that are included in the category of spam is a comments requesting Buzz and the Sub repeatedly in each post either in video, blogs, microblogs or gallery.

As well as in the chat, a user who wrote the same message repeatedly in the global chat can be called a spammer. In this case, those who are always begging and asking Buzz or Sub, for example: buzz me, sub me, or sub and buzz me, etc.

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How Can I Reach The Leader Board?

How to reach the leader board in a short time? Probably most user already know about this, but I will tell you my experience of how I could reach the leader board.

At first, I was just an ordinary user who does not know much about this bitLanders and I do not know how bitLanders works. Until finally there is a new feature in bitLanders namely Chat where you can chat with other user. That's where I learned a lot about this bitLanders. Incidentally, at that time Micky-the-slanted-salerno are holding a special event for a blog about TV shows which will get a double reward. With a little experience and poor English, in the end I tried to write my first blog about the TV show entitled "La Academia Junior Indonesia, Kid's TV Show" and submit it for review.

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I do not expect much about the result, but unexpectedly, Hillary gave me 4 stars on my first blog. As a reward I got 10 Buzz Bonus and my Base Buzz and my Buzz Score improved a lot. Not satisfied with just one blog, I decided to write again my second blog titled "Immortal Songs 2 : Singing The Legend Part. 1". In the second blog I got 5 stars with 30 Buzz Bonus as reward. After that my Buzz Score went up considerably. Since then I became diligent in writing a blog. The following blogs that I have written:

  1. La Academia Junior Indonesia, Kid's TV Show  4/5 stars
  2. Immortal Songs 2 : Singing The Legend Part. 1 5/5 stars
  3. Immortal Songs 2 : Singing The Legend Part. 2 4/5 stars
  4. Hello Counselor: The Problem Solver TV Show 4/5 stars
  5. You Hee-Yeol's Sketchbook: Talk Show and Live Music Shows 5/5 stars
  6. LookUp's Movie Review: 'More Than Blue' Love Beyond The World 4/5 stars
  7. LookUp's Movie Review: 'Shutter', Love Till The End 4/5 stars

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Submit Your Content for Review

As you have read above, submit content for review is the secret of why I could be one of the top user on the leader board. Content review is one bitLanders feature that allows the user to enter their content to the editorial team for review and will get a reward in the form of Buzz Bonus depending on how many stars you receive.
You can also submit content for review by following the requirements below:

For Blog posts:

  1. Only English submissions will be accepted
  2. Submitted posts must be written in proper, well formed and well formatted English
  3. Submitted posts must be original
  4. Submitted posts must be exclusive and can not be present anywhere else on the web
  5. Submitted posts must be accurately tagged

For movies:

  1. Only English submissions will be accepted
  2. Submitted movies must be original
  3. Submitted movies must be tagged accurately

For galleries:

  1. Submitted galleries should follow a theme
  2. Submitted galleries must Contain more than 5 images
  3. Submitted galleries must be tagged accurately

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VIDEO: A Guide How to Write a Blog on BitLanders

Based on the information I got from the bitLanders FAQS, here are some things you need to consider to get a high score in the results of the review:

For Blog posts:

  1. Write original content (Submitted posts must be exclusive and can not be present anywhere else on the web)
  2. Write in a proper, well formed and well formatted English
  3. Make your posts visually appealing by adding related images and embedding related videos
  4. Do not plagiarize content from the web or other bitLanders users
  5. Make sure you use accurate and related tags

For more information please check the section “How to write a blog?”.

For movies:

  1. Upload meaningful content
  2. Upload high quality movies (picture and sound)
  3. Present your movie well by writing an exhaustive synopsis and choosing a related image as a poster
  4. Do not plagiarize content from the web or other bitLanders users
  5. Make sure you use accurate and related tags

For galleries:

  1. Make sure your images are related and suitable for the theme of the gallery
  2. Upload high quality images
  3. Each gallery must Contain more than 5 images
  4. Make sure you use accurate and related tags

To be able to submit content for review it costs 10 gems every submission. It's a little expensive, but if you get a high score or rating, the 10 gems will not be a problem. To allow a user to submit content for review, bitLanders also create a new policy, any content that has been reviewed will get the return gems depend on number of stars earned, if you get a 4 then you will get a return 4 gems and if you get a 5 then you will obtain the return 10 gems. You can read the details here: "Submit Content for Review and Get your Gems back".

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Therefore, make sure that the content you submit for review would get a high score or star when the results of the reviews came out. If the content that you submit ineligible or rejected by the editorial team for some reason you will be notified either via bitLanders or via e-mail and your gems will not be back. So keep in mind that each gems was very precious, do not use gems for things that are not necessary. 10 gems could bring you to achieve the leader board and become the top user. Here's some screen shot from my 5th blog review result:

Why should I submit my content for review?

Creating high quality content and submitting it for review is the best way to Achieve a significant boost to your Buzz Score. One well written post is worth more than ten thousand spammy comments.

VIDEO: Content Reviewed from My 4th Blog

VIDEO: Content Reviewed from My 5th Blog

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That's a bit of my experience and my secret how I could get into the leader board and became one of the top user. I will divide this blog into 2 parts, and in the next section I will give you tips on how to make a good blog and how to get a high star based on my experience.

Thanks all.
Regards: LookUp^^

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