Reach The Top Without Being A Spammer on BitLanders Part. 2

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Reach The Top Without Being A Spammer on BitLanders Part. 2

Takes a long time for me to start blogging back. If you have read my previous blog titled "Reach The Top Without Being A Spammer on BitLanders Part. 1", maybe you already know what is the topic that I will discuss in this blog. Yes, you are right. I'm still going to discuss about spammers and bitlanders. Spammers still be an interesting topic for me to discuss. Just to remind you again that bitlanders has issued a new policy or rules about spam in bitlanders, read more fully here: "Ban for Buzz and Sub comments and on the chat"  and a new policy or rules about the use of English-only in Global Chat: "The Public Chat becomes English-only".

Screenshot Ban for Buzz and Sub comments and on the chat blog

Screenshot The Public Chat becomes English-only blog

Inevitably, the new rules have had a positive impact on this bitlanders environment. Before the implementation of the new rules, there are still a lot of comments spam that contains ask and beg Buzz or Sub, but after the announcement of this new rules, the comments section is cleaner now.

Screenshot comment section after new rules

Buzz Score

Buzz Score becomes a necessity if you want a great income from bitlanders, unless you just want to have fun or just to find friends here. Buzz Score will determine how much daily reward will you get and will determine your rank. The higher Buzz Score you have the greater income you will earn every day and automatically, the higher ranking you will achieve. High and low Buzz Score is affected by your activeness in this bitlanders, and Buzz Score is determined by Base Buzz and Direct Power Ups..

Because Buzz Score is the reference for your income, it is no wonder if many users are competing to increase their Buzz Score even though they have to be a spammer. It is unfortunate, just because of the Buzz Score they have to be a spammer, and degrade the quality of bitlanders. Therefore, this time I will give tips on how to become a top user without having to be a spammer.

On the blog part 1 I have explained about spammers and some stories about my travels in this bitlanders until I could be one of the top user and enter into the leaderboard. One of the secret is to submit content for review. In the previous blog, I also have explains what requirements must be met to be able to submit content for review. Actually, all the things that you need is already explained in the bitlanders FAQS, but most users are too lazy to read or understand the FAQS.

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Submit Blog For Review

Submit blog for a review is the most often done for the user to get a high Buzz Score. Because I often submit a blog rather than a movie or gallery, then I would be a lot to discuss and give tips on how to write a good blog. With a good blog then you will get a star or good rating as well. Here are my tips:

Image Source: google

  1. Write a blog about your hobbies, interests or your favorite topic

    Most users who get low star or rating is because they do not understand or master of the topic they wrote in the blog. This will make it difficult for you when writing the blog because you do not know about what you will write and it will take a long time to complete.

    Tips: choose a blog topic according to your hobby or your interest. For example, because my hobby is watch a movie or drama, then I would prefer to write a blog about the movie or drama such as my previous blog. So write a blog according to your hobby or your interest will allow you to finish the blog faster and easier.
  2. Write a blog topic double reward

    Write a blog about a topic that gets double reward will speed up your buzz score to higher rank, because you will get a buzz bonus three times greater than writing a blog with regular topic. For example, a blog with double reward topic that get 5 stars will earn +30 buzz bonus and +10 buzz bonus if you get 4 stars. When compared with regular topic blog, where the blog with 5 stars will get +15 buzz bonus and +5 buzz bonus if you get 4 stars. The comparison is very far away different.

    Tips: always follow the latest news from Micky mainly on the blog category, as he normally would announce new news on his blog, including news about the topic that gets a double reward. For now, the topic that will get a double reward is a blog that discusses about web tv, can be checked here: "Blog about Web TVs and Earn Double Rewards".
  3. Key points in writing a blog

    Not all blogs are submitted for review will get great results from Hillary. There are certain points you need to consider to get higher score or rating. Based on observations, below is the aspects assessed by Hillary in writing a blog:

Blog with high quality

Blog with impressive quality

The Quality of Blog

The first thing to be judged by Hillary is the quality of a blog. If you want to get a score or rating on your blog make sure your blog has a high quality that will satisfy Hillary. You'll get high scores if he says "The quality of your post was really impressive! I can not wait to read more posts like this one!" when she is reviewing your blog. She will say "Your post was a high quality one!" if your blog considered sufficient quality. Although still need some research on this, but based on the observations, blog with impressive quality will tend to have a higher star.

Blog with exhaustive post

❷ The Length of Blog

Make sure your blog are not too short and not too long. Based on the observation, the number limits of words to write blog is of at least 750 words. Normally, Hillary would say "Your post was exhaustive, not too long and not too short! Post more like this one!" if your blog already meet the requirements. If she said it then you've secured one star.


❸ The Use of Language

This is the most constraints of the users in writing blog, that is the use of good and proper English. There are some assessments that are usually Hillary said when announced the results of a review of a blog.

Blog with need some improvement language

Blog with simple language

"Your language is so poor. I barely understand it ...", this means that the use of English in the blog is poor or bad and certainly will reduce the assessment.
♣ "The language could use some improvement ..." it means the use of English is considered to be sufficient and needs some improvement again, this will also reduce the assessment.
♣ "The language used was simple but effective ..." this means that the use of English in the blog is enough or good although it can still be improved, if you get this, there is possibility that you have already secured one star.
♣ "(I forgot about this one, sorry :D, but she will compliment your language beyond your expectation :3)" this is the highest assessment for the use of language in a blog. If you get these words from Hillary, you have secured a star for your blog.

Tips: Use website or application translators if necessary because it would be very helpful in writing good or proper English and simultaneously increase the score on your blog.

Blog with OK tags

Blog with perfect tags

❹ Generic and Specific Tags

It is arguably difficult but can also be spelled out easily. Make sure you use specific and generic tags in an amount not too little and not too much. If you get an assessment "I think you choose the perfect tags to represent your content! Not too few, not too many, both generic and specific ones. Keep it up in your next works!" it is likely that you have secured one star. If Hillary said "The tags you choose were OK, even though you could have done better!" it means you are lacking in the use of tags. So be careful in the use of these tags. Websites like tagcrowd will greatly assist you in determining any tags that need to be put in the blog.

Blog with OK presentation

Blog with magnificent presentation

❺ The Presentations of Blog

Make sure you get an assessment "The presentation of your post was magnificent! I really liked it and wish to see more in the future!" if you want to get a high score on your blog. It can be obtained by improving the blog format, add images and videos related to the blog that you wrote in an amount not too much and not too little. If you get an assessment "The presentation of your post was ok, but you can make it awesome! More images, videos, a better formatting will help you reach higher scores ..." this means that you need to improve your blog in terms of presentation.

Reward for blog with double reward topic and 5 stars

Video: blog review result with 5 stars

The points mentioned above is things you need to consider in writing a blog, you will get a high score if your blog can reach Hillary's satisfaction. Of course, it is only based on my personal opinion, experience, and observation, and of course there are other things to consider in writing a blog to get a higher score.

Screenshot from haraka's gallery

Submit Gallery For Review

I didn't know many things about submitting gallery for review. Try to do observation on gallery that has been submitted for review by several users. Observe what the important things that need to be considered in submitting gallery for review. Some important things that you need consider before submit gallery for review based on my observations are:

♥ Theme: Make sure your images or photos have a similar theme or interrelated.

The quality of the image or photograph: Make sure your gallery contains high quality photos or images that will add additional value to your gallery.

Amount of images or photos: The number of images or photos that you put in a gallery will be very influential in the assessment, it is advisable to insert images or photos as much as possible.

The use of tags and proper descriptions for gallery: Same as blog, the use the proper tags and descriptions will be very influential in the assessment of gallery.

Here is example gallery result that have been submitted for review from haraka's gallery titled "Interior Design of Waha Kitchen at Kosenda Hotel, Jakarta":

Screenshot from mannythemovieguy's movie

Submit Video For Review

Not many users who submit video for review. The important thing to note is the quality of video and sound, video duration, and description and tags are used. By paying attention to the assessment points in your video, then at least you'll get enough or high star or rating from Hillary.

If you intend to submit video for review, my advice is to observe video from Mannythemovieguy, such as the video below:

Video: Aaron Sorkin Reveals Secrets of “Steve Jobs” with 4 stars

Video: Danny Boyle Explains “Steve Jobs” In This Interview with 4 stars

Video: Kate Winslet Talks About “Steve Jobs” with 4 stars


With the new regulations in bitlanders, to some extent has an impact that is quite good for this environment. Now, it is our duty as a user to maintain the cleanliness, sustainability and quality of bitlanders. Not only because we wants to reach higher place makes us as spammers and degrade the quality of ourselves. Comply with the existing rules, make as many friends as possible, and fill your page with quality post.

Image Source: depositphotos


Let's make bitLanders be a comfortable place, free of spammers with become a good and qualified user.

Keep bitLanders a spam-free platform!

Thanks all.
Regards: LookUp^^

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