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Upon reading the ideas of Louise .M Rosenblatt about a text, I felt happy and joyous that is why, I agree in his assumption regarding a poem; as she believes that;

As reading I found that this idea is based on reality, and “yes” we are as readers can interpret a text or a poem in way that we have had experienced in the past. Our memorable thoughts, bitter events and memorable memories give us the ideas of how to interpret a text.

As matter of fact, all “we” humans have lots of experiences, bitter and friendly experiences and events that we have seen in our lives make and lead us toward answering a poem or text in better way.

Therefore this is the reader who decides how to answer or interpret a text. For example one day by reading the poem “I heard a Fly buzz when I died” by Emily Dickinson I could interpret better and more satisfied than other poems as I had read and it was not elusive for me on interpreting of it, that is why; I remembered that time I was supposed to die and the words which was used in this poem gave me more ideas about interpreting it especially this part;  

I heard a fly buzz—when I died—

The Stillness in the Room

Was the Stillness in Air

Between the Heaves of Storms

Especially the words die, room, stillness, and air, so these words gave and provided me more ideas to interpret the poems better It is because my personal feelings and experience which I had in the past led me answering it in a good way to the text. That was when; once I was very sick I had a severe headache and fever I was trembling because of cold weather that time there wasn’t anyone, I was alone only I could hear sound of the clock in my room and the air was cold and besides my room was quiet. That time I was thinking I am going to die and this is my last warm breath which I am exhaling I pondered, so it was a very bad experience because of sickness I have ever had and on reading the poem answered it perfectly for the sake, I could remember my past experience and relate them to this poem by considering the words in poem. In short, I found that personal feelings and experiences of a reader can help her to analysis, interpret, and answer to a text better therefore I do agree in idea of Rosenblatt about a text.






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