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In Part B of this unit you are going to learn about classification. What is classification? It’s about putting together things according to their categories. For example, we can classify books, copies pencils, sharpeners and clips in the category of stationary items.

We can classify peas, cabbage, spinach, and carrots in the vegetable category and shampoo, soap, toothpaste in the category of toiletries. Suppose you want to book broom a library. The library has hundreds of books and it sis not possible to search for the particular book you need. So what do you do?


In a library books are arranged or classified in such a way that it becomes easier for a reader to find the book one is looking for. All these books are arranged in order or classified in categories and so a reader has no problem getting the book. You have to a general store and must have noticed that different items are placed, grouped or classified shelves according to their use.

If you want masoor ki daal of moog ke daal, you would go to the counter of shelf which displays all kinds of lentils of daals. If you need a wishing powder, some toilet soaps and a talcum powder, you will go that counter which has put together all kinds of different toiletries. So we see classification all around us.

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