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A hobby is generally defined as an activity for passing spare time in some constructive work. The worts way to spend leisure are to sit idle and sleep. It is said that an idle brain is a devil’s workshop.

My hobby is a reading for pleasure. I love to read books because reading has more advantages than any other form of information and intetainment. We have forgotten that reading is more valuable than many modern pleasures. The reason are reading is useful to improve our knowledge,to have more fun,to broaden imagination,to find new ways to express ideas,to develop creative qualities and finally to expand vocabulary.

There are a lot of good books in which we can find history,novels,poetry books and a varity of other topics.We can see that people who read more generally have a greater knowledge.This quality give them an advantage over those who do not read. Through books we can have fun and even travel in our imagination. We should not forget the importance of using imagination. Imagination helps us to develop our selves in a creative way.

Reading can be the best hobby for all age groups like children,adults,parents and even elderly people can enjoy the benefits of reading, so reading is a hobby for all.This is why it is important for us to continue reading books regularly.

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