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Today I am working from home. I am in my home office right now and reading your posts guys but  as I have mentioned elsewhere too that I do not want to lose my job if I write a comment on all the posts I am visiting as it’s my working time. I am not busy right now though since there is no help request by my coworkers.

So I have decided to post a topic myself. I wonder if anyone will read this post but I admit sometimes I get bored on all sites and feel the need that someone will start something with lot of conversation and I will reply on each of them but probably I am not aware of the rules yet properly.

I am not sure how the site administration/moderators will take my writing. I must also admit that some of my friends which are not as active online as I would like to see them or maybe they do not trust much in conversation. Besides there is an astounding fact that after a certain number of comments the members feel exhausted and the time zone is another important factor.

By the way let me apologies to those who expect something like 10-20 comments from me on their posts everyday on regular basis I am sure you do not expect me to do that because I am in my office right now and using my personal laptop besides keeping an eye on my official computer’s screen. I find it odd for writing comments right now.

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