Realizing Dreams of Afghans Youths by building Schools

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 Across the World, major newspaper headlines are talking about upcoming US election and withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. But what people do not seem to know is the difficulties forced by the civilian population of Afghanistan. There is high rate of Corruption, youths/kids are being hired by Taliban forces to attack government troops and the proud Afghanis are still struggling to lead a peaceful life.  With so many problem, the future of afghan generations is un-certain.


At present the afghan and world experts are debating the future. On the other side world political leaders meet to decide how much dollars must be assigned for afghan reconstruction amidst the looming global recession, one biggest question that is still open is how afghan youth power can be channelized. One such initiative is being taken Film Annex's founder and president, Francesco Rulli to build schools for afghan generations.




If you see in Afghanistan the major reason people are joining talibans is because of the money that they are being offers. Small children’s are being hired to kill others by sacrificing themselves. It is a pity that at a time these children’s should play sports on field they are being trained on handling dangerous weapons and taught hatred. But with Afghan Development Project an attempt is being made to change this.


The major aim of this project is to build schools buildings and equip them with high speed internet.  Some of the famous characters like Charlie Chaplin are being used to change the mood of people and show them different perspective of human civilization. Apart from educating afghan children’s, the project also aims to show the world what Afghanistan has to offer for business and connect various cultures.


This noble initiative is being implemented at the fraction of cost that might be needed to do a similar thing in Europe or America. The big pool of young Afghanistan people can be motivated to proper direction through such noble initiative and thus have a bright future.  On April 25th 2012 the first internet classroom was built. The below video given you a idea of the effort spent for building this classroom.





There has been lot of reports on the rising corruption and diversion of funds for building schools. But proper monitoring mechanism and audits can eliminate such loopholes. The initiative by Francesco Rulli is a right step for eliminating the root problems faced by Afghan people. Business houses across world can utilize such trained motivated young people to expand their business in Afghanistan. The schools of the walls are not politics but they are just a medium for educating the afghan youngsters and making them smart as youths across the world.


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